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E Hoa - Board Book

E Hoa - Board Book

By Gavin Bishop

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A te reo Maori board book that shares how to talk about feelings through a friendship between a child and their dog. Through the up-close expressive faces of a child and their dog, we learn the Maori words for a range of feelings. Taku kuri pai - my good dog. He hatakehi ia. My dog is happy ... angry ... excited ... sad ... shy ... hopeful ... Taku hoa pumau, my faithful friend. This simple board book is a starting point to talk about how we feel. Key words describe the many emotions a dog can go through in a short time, while the expressions on the faces of the people nearby convey a whole new raft of feelings as they respond and react. And so the story becomes one of friendship and how our friends make us feel. This new board book is a multi-layered delight joining Mihi and Koro in Gavin Bishop's powerful series to share with the smallest children.

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