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Sea Robber: Pirate 3

Sea Robber: Pirate 3

By Tim Severin

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Ambushed by sea robbers headed for the South Sea, Hector Lynch, pirate and fugitive, is obliged to navigate their vessel through the stormy seas off Cape Horn. There Hector uncovers the remains of a warship entombed on an ice float, its crew two skeletons - the ship's captain and his dog - both frozen to death. After he's abandoned in Peru, Hector learns that Maria, the woman who stole his heart and saved his life, is now living on the remote Thief Islands. On his epic voyage to reach her, he confronts a Japanese warlord, who submits trespassers on his island to a deadly duel, and a naked Stone Age tribe, who file their teeth to sharp points and sail boats that outpace the fastest galleon.

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