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The Burnout

The Burnout

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Our heroine is exhausted, burned out and has been sent off by her mum to do some R&R, off-season, in the picturesque Devon holiday resort they always went to as a family. The first day, she is practically the only guest at the hotel and has the beach to herself. But then another professional turns up. He is also burned out, has also come back to his childhood holiday haunt, and, like her, has rented one of the hotel's decrepit beach huts for use during the day. Neither is pleased to have company and they insist on being placed at opposite ends of the row of empty huts. However, they can't avoid each other - even when they're the only two people on the beach - and disagree on their methods of overcoming burnout. (Her- wild swimming / yoga / manifesting/secretly stuffing her face with chocolates. Him- drinking whisky.) They ignore/spar with each other - until one day a message appears on the sand overnight. It reads- 'To the couple on the beach- thank you.' The following night another message appears- 'To the couple on the beach- thank you'. And a date. It dawns on them that they are the 'couple'. But who is thanking them and why? They are drawn together to find out.

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Fiction Adult Paperback