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Wipe Clean Multiplying 6 7

Wipe Clean Multiplying 6 7

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Wipe-clean Multiplyin 6-7 is the second title in our exciting new 'Key Skills' series that supports Math and English learning for the 5 to 8 age group. These workbooks are wipe-clean so fully reusable and a new thinner, branded pen is attached to the covers. At the ack of each book there are answers and a section with notes and tips for parents, teachers and caregivers. Each age group across the whole series features a set of 10 themed animal characters: woodland animals (5-6), jungle animals (6-7) or animal park (7-8). There is a different illustrator for each age group. Wipe-clean Adding 5-6 is structured progressively and contains explanations, helpful number lines and opportunities for extension.WC Multiplying 6-7 will feature Jungle animal characters illustrated by Marta Cabrol. 7-8 will feature Park Animal and the illustrator's name is to be confirmed. The Math series doesn't promote any particular Math method.

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