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23 1⁄2 Lies

23 1⁄2 Lies

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The thrilling new novella in the globally bestselling series plus two gripping new stories from the master of suspense. 23 Lies When SFPD Sergeant Lindsay Boxer is called to investigate a crime scene, nothing can prepare her for what she finds- her estranged father gunned down execution style. The case will soon reveal to Lindsay a series life-altering truths . . . Fallen Ranger A series of armed robberies are linked to a gang of motorcycle bandits. Rory Yates, the hero of Texas Ranger, is tasked with hunting them down. Watch Your Back A starving artist is paid to expose his client's cheating wife. But no amount of money can protect him from a world of corruption . . . _____________________________ Praise for James Patterson 'The master storyteller of our times' Hillary Rodham Clinton 'James Patterson is the gold standard by which all others are judged' Steve Berry 'No one gets this big without natural storytelling talent' Lee Child 'Nobody does it better' Jeffrey Deaver 'James Patterson is The Boss. End of.' Ian Rankin

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