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Liquitext Acrylic White Gesso

Liquitext Acrylic White Gesso

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What it does Primes surfaces and adds a high level of tooth for maximum color adhesion and stability Gives a matte white, opaque finish which provides a professional standard, archival base to help maintain the longevity of your work Stiffens your canvases and creates the optimum absorbency for paint application Establishes a good surface for preliminary charcoal or pencil drawings Always use a quality artist's gesso if you want a lasting, archival base - a low-cost ground will flake and separate from your support, taking your work with it. With proper application and under the right conditions, a professional gesso will last generations How to use it Fully intermixable with all Liquitex products Use undiluted or thin with up to 25% water - when thinning more than 25%, use an equal mixture of water and Liquitex Matte Medium Sand hard or shiny surfaces first, apply a thin coat to support with a wide, flat brush and leave to dry for at least 24 hours before starting to paint To create a smoother base, sand the surface and reapply gesso If using as a base for oils, apply 2-4 coats and sand between applications Add acrylic color for a custom tint - Soft Body Acrylic is the optimum consistency

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