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Paper Tree

Me and Miss M

Me and Miss M

By Jemma Forte

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Ever wondered what a celebrity�s life is really like? Struggling actress Fran has always had stars in her eyes but with a part in a car insurance ad as her only claim to fame, making it big is starting to look unlikely. So taking a job as a PA to Caroline Mason � one half of Hollywood�s most famous couple � seems like a fantastic opportunity. Especially when Fran�s first encounter with Caroline�s sexy, Oscar-winning boyfriend involves him wearing nothing but a tiny towel . . . But Fran�s new job is far from glamorous as her days are spent fetching never-ending, venti, quatro, decaf, skinny lattes and being an all-round slave to a demanding, botoxed diva. And when the job starts to cost Fran her friends and the man of her dreams she has to ask herself whether it�s really worth it. The time has come for Miss M to find out a few home truths, for Fran to get her life on track and to win back her Mr Right�

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Paper Tree
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