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My Kiwi Kete

My Kiwi Kete

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Kia ora: You can be a Kiwi too - A celebration of all things Kiwi, as tamariki holiday at the beach, splash in water fountains, climb trees and toast marshmallows around a campfire - things Kiwi kids love to do, and share with newcomers ... because you can be a Kiwi too! A wide-open welcome to Aotearoa, with a catchy waiata in English and Maori to be streamed or downloaded. Kia Kaha! Together, standing strong - A rousing and fortifying waiata for Kiwi children from all backgrounds about supporting each other and celebrating the strength in community, with the focus from a child's everyday viewpoint. The song can be streamed or downloaded. My Kiwi Gumboots - Children often become obsessed with a new pair of footwear, and this child is no exception. From a day on the farm to a trip into town ... her sunshine-yellow Kiwi gumboots are there! This playful song features Kiwi icons such as Red Band gumboots, Marmite and cheddar cheese. Children can sing along to the downloadable song.

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