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Showtym Adventures 6: Pepe The Beach Sta

Showtym Adventures 6: Pepe The Beach Sta

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In The Sixth Showtym Adventure, Vicki Will Stop At Nothing To Save A Crippled Beach-Racing Stallion. When Vicki And Her Sisters Discover That Horses Are Roaming On Country Roads Because The Locals Can'T Afford To Fences Contain Them, Their Eyes Are Opened To A Whole New World Of Hardship. Then Vicki Meets Pepe, A Prized Beach-Racing Stallion Crippled By Mistreatment. The Owner Can'T Pay For A Vet And, Fearing The Beaten Horse May Die, The Wilsons Take Pepe In. Will Vicki Be Able To Save The Injured Racer? And Will Pepe Accept His New Life After Galloping At Full Speed? This Story Of Hope And Recovery Is Inspired By The Wilson Sisters' Early Years.

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