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Showtyn Adventures 3 Casper The Spirite

Showtyn Adventures 3 Casper The Spirite

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In The Third Showtym Adventure, Vicki Takes On A Dangerously Bad-Tempered Arabian. Will She Be Able To Uncover His Potential? When Vicki Hears About A Difficult Arabian That No One Wants, She Will Stop At Nothing To Save Him. Years Of Misunderstanding Have Left Casper Wayward And Mistrustful, But Vicki Senses A Gentle Soul Beneath The Pony'S Rough Exterior. Vicki Must Learn The Importance Of Patience And Compromise To Have Any Chance Of Winning Over The High-Strung Gelding. Will Casper Ever Trust Humans Again? And Will Vicki Be Able To Uncover The Potential She Sees In The Spirited Arabian? This Story Of Self-Discovery And Second Chances, In Which Vicki, Kelly And Amanda Wilson First Help A Misunderstood Pony To Trust Again, Is Inspired By The Wilson Sisters' Early Years.

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