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The Amazing Maurice

The Amazing Maurice

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*New Special Film Edition Of The 28Th Novel In The Bestselling Discworld Series - Soon To Be A Sky Original Movie! * Join The World Of The Amazing Maurice, The Carnegie Medal Winning Novel By Terry Pratchett. It'S A Rat-Eat-Rat World... Rats! They'Re Everywhere: In The Breadbins, Dancing Across Tabletops, Stealing Pies From Under The Cooks' Noses. So, What Does Every Town Need? A Good Piper To Lure Them Away. That'S Where Maurice Comes In! A Streetwise Tomcat With The Perfect Money-Making Scam. Everyone Has Heard The Stories About Rats And Pipes, And Con-Cat Maurice Finds A Stupid-Looking Kid With A Pipe, And Has His Very Own Plague Of Rats - Strangely Educated Rats... But In Bad Blintz, Someone Is Playing A Different Tune And Now Maurice And His Rats Must Learn A New Concept: Evil.... 'An Astonishing Novel' Financial Times

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