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The Scarlet Papers

The Scarlet Papers

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ONLY SHE KNOWS THE TRUTH. ONLY HE CAN TELL THE WORLD. PRE-ORDER 2023's MOST EXTRAORDINARY THRILLER... 'A breathtaking thriller. A classic in the making.' PETER JAMES VIENNA, 1946 A brilliant German scientist spirited out of the ruins Nazi Europe in search of a new life MOSCOW, 1964 A rising star of the British diplomatic service whose job is not what it seems LONDON, THE PRESENT DAY A once promising academic offered an opportunity to seal his place in history Their stories, their lives, and the fate of the world, are bound by a single document: THE SCARLET PAPERS The devastating secrets contained within teased by a brief invitation: Tomorrow 11AM. Take a cab and pay in cash. Tell no one. ___________________ 'Smart, slick and totally gripping...The Scarlet Papers is always credible, always startling and almost painfully human. A total triumph.' TONY PARSONS 'Look out for The Scarlet Papers...An engrossing adventure' STEVE CAVANAGH 'A masterpiece' TIM GLISTER 'Grand in scope, and packed with fascinating insights' MICK HERRON 'An extraordinary novel' HOLLY WATT 'Addictive, original and outrageously entertaining...Matthew Richardson proves himself a writer of huge talent and skill.' CHARLOTTE PHILBY 'An epic read!' JEREMY DUNS

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