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Paper Tree



By Madeline Black

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At the age of thirteen Madeleine Black faced more physical and emotional trauma than most ordinary people do in a lifetime... Violently gang raped and abused, Madeleine became haunted by these horrendous events and for years was unable to overcome the psychological demons which filled her with extreme anxiety and self-loathing. During this terrible period of her life, Madeleine was time and again made the victim, as she was taken advantage of in her fragile state. But Madeleine refused to let this terrible abuse define her life, instead she made a decision to move forward and make her life her own again through committing to the most tremendous act of courage; forgiveness. By choosing to forgive those who committed wrongs against her, Madeleine began to slowly, piece by piece, rebuild her life. This is a story of gut-wrenching adversity, overcome through sheer strength and determination.

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Paper Tree
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