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Welcome to AI

Welcome to AI

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The most complete guide to AI for youngsters, covering everything from Ancient Greece to ChatGPT. In this fun, simple and vibrant non-fiction book, technoscience expert Matthieu Dugal, creator of documentary AI: To be or not to be, shares the epic history of artificial intelligence and gives answers to the biggest head-scratchers: How does AI already help us, at home and at school? Which robots from your favourite movies may soon be in the real world? What are avatars? Which inventors are creating new technologies? How do algorithms work? ...and why can't AI cook pasta and drain it at the right time? We can't see it and yet this technology is everywhere: it's in computers, cars and virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa. And it's already making decisions for us, for better and sometimes for worse... This fascinating guide delves deep into how these decisions are made behind the scenes, putting tricky ideas into easy-to-understand terms. Keep kids' attention with colourful illustrations and easy-to-understand, well-researched facts to prepare them for an exciting AI-centric future.

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